Enock Bunyon

Incoming Graduate Researcher, Fall 2022

Enock Bunyon was born and raised in Ghana. He attended Adisadel College high school; an all-male Anglican boarding school ranked top 10 in Africa. After graduating from high school, he moved to the United States for his undergraduate studies at Utica College, currently known as Utica University. He served as a peer tutor, a geology lab technician, and a Utica men’s soccer team player at Utica. He graduated from Utica University with a Bachelor of Science in Geosciences. Following his graduation from college, He worked in the consulting industry as a Junior Geologist for almost three years. He worked on several EPA, U.S Army Corp, and private projects as a geologist. After his undergraduate research in geochemistry and his professional work experiences, he developed a strong interest in environmental geochemistry. Enock will be pursuing a master’s degree at Penn State University. His research focuses on understanding the hydrochemistry of emerging contaminants in the air, soil, and water.